Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mum needs a time-out!

This week has been so exhausting for me. I have to accept that no one is organized all the time. I pride myself as being very organized. I'm not a 'multi-tasker'. I don't even know what that means. The way I see it, my brain only allows me to do one task at a time. However, I'm a woman who sets tasks and executes them. Not this week though. I'm a mess! I'm not able to focus.  I need a timeout.

Most moms, if not all, get burnt out at some point. I just don't understand why I'm burnt out at this time! I'm exercising daily. I'm doing yoga weekly, I get down time and my diet is good. WHY do I feel this way? Am I guilty of masking stress once again? I don't think I am. My responsibility at work has increased and has been overwhelming. Perhaps it's more overwhelming than I've admitted to myself.  This space I'm in makes me feel uncomfortable and very vulnerable. I need a timeout.

It's time for me to tap into my inner-self and be present. There comes a time when we are guilty of doing too much. There comes a time when we need to say 'no'. That's difficult for me. However, in order to avert a mental breakdown....I need to stop and take a timeout. I need to spend some quality time in prayer and ask for guidance in managing my stress. It's time for me to stop attempting to play the role of 'super-woman' and seek Divine help. If I continue to throw too many balls in the air, eventually one would hit the ground; so I'm giving myself permission to take a timeout.

A timeout for moms can mean several things. For some it's time at the spa, for others, a night out with friends. Normally, this would be the timeout I would seek. However, this time, I need to find a quiet space and spend sometime with me. I need to organize my thoughts and prioritize my 'to-do' list. I need to stop feeling the need to help 'everyone'. Most of all, I need to ask for help when needed. I seldom do that.

So if you're like me  and having a tough week or feeling burnt out, give yourself permission to take a timeout and re-evaluate your priorities.  Give yourself the gift of self this Mothers' Day. Treasure the journey of motherhood but don't get lost along the way. Find time for yourself so that you can replenish and renew.  Your family would thank you for it. If we become depleted, we will have nothing to give. So give yourself a timeout. Be relaxed, be recharged, be balanced and embrace your journey. Happy Mothers' Day!

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  1. Thanks for your honesty with this article. This was the exact scenario that lead me to detox a few weeks ago. I found myself overwhelmed with my daily routine and as usual being the overachiever that I am not asking for help. Well eventually I became burnt out and stressed. This immediately prompt me to detox which not only allows me to recharge but get some mental cleansing as well. To my surprise all my daily tasks got completed without my help. The guys at home both were capable of doing the job but for some strange reason I always seem to beat them to it. I realize that taking a timeout was equally as important as wanting to serve my family. Thanks for sharing this article and know you are a "Supper Mom