Friday, May 6, 2016

Hey's YOUR day!

There is so much pressure for Mother's Day. I always felt that it's a day to spend with the kids. I really love spending time with them. But after 22years of motherhood, I've realized that its MY day and I should not feel guilty for wanting to spend this day alone. Those moms with perfectly curated social media may grasp their pearls at the thought of spending Mother's day alone. But for me, I'm not striving for perfection....I'm just trying to maintain sanity.

As a mom, some days I'm the therapist...then there are days when I may be the cause for them to get therapy. Other days I'm the chauffeur.... and days where I'm like "I'm not going a damn place today...Im tired". Then there are days when I'm the healthy "clean eating" chef....and days when breakfast is leftover pizza or store bought waffles with ice cream.

We moms need to be more honest and authentic with each other and stop making other moms feel inadequate or incompetent. We need to dispel the myth of the "perfect mom" does not exist. We need to "lighten up" and enjoy motherhood. We need to share our experiences with each other. We're in this together!!! We need to allow our kids to teach us as we guide them. And as crazy and hectic as our lives are, we need to reach out and support other moms who may be having a tough time and offer encouragement. We need to take care and nurture our sanity on this journey.

Every day is Mother's day, so on this day that's set aside for our recognition, do something for you, without the kids. Don't feel guilty for spending time without them. You spend time with them ALL THE TIME! This day is YOUR day to show yourself love. Take care of your sanity. Self care is a necessity for all mothers. Set aside time daily just for you, but especially on this special day. I promise you that the kids will be okay. Taking some time for you to replenish is actually a gift to them.

Wishing you a Mother's Day filled with love and rejuvenation. And whatever  you decide to do in celebration of your day, be sure to restore, reflect and renew as you embrace your journey.

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