Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter.....a time for family

Photo courtesy: Sierra A

Didn't get invited to the White House Easter roll?
Have one of your own and invite friends and neighbors to join in the fun!

Photo: Sack race

2 years ago I hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for 40 kids. A bit elaborate, but fun nonetheless. I purchased approx. 500 plastic eggs and filled them with candy, toys, stickers and tattoos. I divided the hunt space into 2 age groups(that way the younger kids wouldn't get trampled by the older ones). We had games like sack race, egg and spoon, ring toss, etc and tons of prizes. We read the story of the Resurrection and the kids decorated eggs. I even hired the Omelette Chef!

The Omelette Chef

You don't need to be that elaborate to have fun with the kiddies!  Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Purchase plastic eggs and fill them with candy or other favors. Hide the eggs around the house.
  • Sit and decorate eggs as a fun activity.
  • Read the story of the Resurrection to your child.
  • Create an Easter basket with your child.
  • Bring out the hoola hoop and see who can do it the longest.
  • Bake Easter cookies together

Hoola Hooping contest with my teens (Clearly I lost)

It does not have to be elaborate. The key is to appreciate your family. Find activities that are cost effective and fun. It's not the cost of the activity, it's the time. Spending time with loved ones is precious. Make your Easter weekend memorable by planning something fun for the whole family. Get engaged and connect with your family. Target, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart and other discount and craft stores sell all that you'll need at a reasonable price. It's not too late to embark upon a fun adventure in the comfort of your home!

It is said that the family that prays together, stays together. So plan that fun activity and don't forget to make time for worship with your family this weekend. Be engaged, be connected, be balanced and embrace your journey.


  1. Oh this was a great idea sis. We all had tons of fun. P.S. I also remember how much fun it was filling those eggs "lol"

  2. Looks like fun and a great idea. Love the omelet chef idea. Have a great Easter

  3. Yes sis filling those eggs were a chore...but so worth it!

    Ann, I hope your Easter 'across the pond' was fabulous! The Omelette Chef is amazing. You must check them out!

    As always I appreciate you guys stopping by to read!