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Waterfall at Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

Before starting any new physical, dietary or health and wellness program (eg.detox and colonic) please consult your doctor. This is not a program I recommend. It is a journal of my unique experience in the world of detoxing.

If I could be honest, my reason for detoxing was not to have a cleansing, 'nirvana' experience, but rather to savor the taste of lamb one more time. Four years ago, I gave up meat for Lent and since that time my body has rejected it.  For the first 2 years I accepted it. The latter 2 years have been difficult. I know all the rawfoodists, vegans and health gurus would say that if my body is rejecting it....I don't need it. I know they're right, but I have to make this last effort to see if my body is sure!

Last Monday I embarked upon a detox journey, hoping to be cured and in the process shed a few pounds. This was by far the most difficult detox I had ever been on. I was not mentally prepared and shamelessly used facebook and twitter along with my sister and cousin to garner support.  The first 3 days were extremely difficult. I was  irritable. I craved a burger....a big juicy angus beef burger. I haven't had one of those in years.  Meanwhile, my support system posted pictures of food, recipes and descriptions of meals that were prepared and enjoyed. I never realized how much emphasis is placed on food within the social media arena!
Nevertheless, I hung in there and stayed motivated. I went outside for a walk on my lunch break to avoid the scent that travelled from the office kitchen to my desk. I worked out in the evening so as to not focus on the delicious dinner my mom prepared for my crew. Meanwhile, my dinner was low sodium soup. It felt like torture! Days 5 through 7 I felt great and had a burst of energy. I'm not sure if it was the detox or the thought  of  being closer to a gyro (thinly sliced roasted lamb served in a sandwich of pita bread).
On day 7, I ended my cleansing journey with a Colon Hydrotherapy colonic from Herbal Infusion.  That was really a different experience.

Photo courtesy: Herbal Infusion
Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

My sister read the book 21lbs in 21days~The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox.We used this for the basis of our detox. We made a few changes for convenience. We bought fresh juices and smoothies on the days we had no time for juicing. Juicing is highly recommended. If you decide to pursue detox, you should purchase a copy of the book and read it before starting and consult your doctor before starting any new diet program.

My detox day
  • a shot of high density antioxidant berry drink
  • 8ozs of water with a twist of lemon 
  • 1 cup hot tea (caffeine free) no sugar or added
  • 8oz glass of fresh orange juice(not from concentrate) w/1 tsp of Kyo-Green
  • 1 cup hot herbal tea
  • 1 cup vege juice. I used Green Goodness (13 servings of fruits & veges)
  • 8oz bottle water with a twist of lemon 

8 min walk outdoors or climb stairs at work

  • 8 oz bottle water with a twist of lemon
  • 8 oz orange juice w/Kyo-Green
  • 1 cup hot herbal tea (caffeine free) no sugar added
  • 1 shot high-density antioxidant drink

2 mile run outdoors or 1 hr gym (eliptical machine, treadmill and free weights)

  • 1 cup homemade  cleansing soup
  • 1 cup broth from cleansing soup
  • 1 cup hot herbal tea
  • 8 oz bottle water with a twist of lemon
  • 1 cup Smooth Move (senna) tea. No sugar added
  • 1 aloe Vera softgel pill.

  • No salt or sugar is permitted.
  • I used Stevia if I needed my senna tea sweetened.
  • Dulse was used for flavor in all soups.
  • I omitted the herbal cleansing formula that was recommended. 
  • I also omitted the enzyme capsule
  • I chose to add lemon to my water (it's not necessary)
  • Only walking was recommended.
  • I did not workout on day 7
Breaking the 7 day detox is very important.

Day 1
  • Continue the detox supplements.
  • Add a small cup of raw or steamed veges(no dressing) for lunch.
  • Add a  small cup of fruit 2 hrs before meals.
Day 2
  • Repeat Day 1.
  • Add whole grain cereal, whole wheat or brown rice ( I will have oatmeal).
Day 3
  • Repeat Day 2.
  • Add a fatty acid( I will add flaxseed oil to my veges).
  • Add protein(I will have a protein shake).
Day 4
  • Repeat Day 3.
  • Add other proteins(eggs, soy, nuts, legumes and beans).
  • Add 3-4 ozs of boiled, broiled or bake fish and chicken to the diet. Red meat can be added the next day. (I will have broiled salmon). On Easter Sunday.....LAMB.
After going through this rigorous cleansing, I'm both apprehensive and conflicted on eating meat again. If I fail this time, I will submit to my body's needs. However, if I'm successful, I may decide not to eat meat again. At least it'll be my choice this time!

My sis and cousin lost approx 8-9 lbs. I didn't weigh before I started. I don't own a scale. However, I see a drastic weight loss. My clothes are loose and my 'backfat' is almost non visible. My stomach is flat....I could only hope that lasts. Doing a detox requires a major support system. It also requires you to slow down and not rush. Meditation and prayer....lots of it was necessary for me.

I sincerely thank my sis and cousin for their daily support. Especially my sis who would visit me at home to offer her support in person and workout with me. Thank you to my mom who made my soups. I couldn't have done it without you. I love you guys. To my family, facebook friends and twitter guys rock! Be health smart, be supportive, be in balance and embrace your journey!


  1. Congrats Nicole , I can already see Phill copying and pasting this Detox plan to try it before summer hits. Thank you for acknowledging that we foodies on Face book play a huge role ;)
    Awesome piece

  2. Here's to a healthier you with or without the meat. ( I vote for without) but either way way to go Nicole!
    this was inspiring.

  3. So excited that you see the results and felt great about your journey. Some people I know think I'm insane for doing this every change in seasons(~every 3 months), but it helps my body adjust to the changing atmosphere. Glad that the support I offered helped in someway. Love you tons!


  4. Thank you guys for stopping by and reading. Joy:Yay for Phill...but what about you, lol.
    Greta: I'm battling with it. I'll keep you posted.
    Lorraine: I could not have done it without you cuz. Love you loads. Thanks again for reading!

  5. I am willing to give this a try not if only for the benefit of a healthier ME!!!!!

  6. Well Done Cuz!!!! You have inspired me! Started my own detox today, with a much gentler plan mind you. It is largely raw, with some steamed and stir fried vegetables, fish and lots of water. I have been doing raw days for a couple months building up to going raw for a longer period. Thinking of being vegetarian again. Also been making smaller changes like eliminating sugar, eating less meat and processed foods which my body has been rejecting. Sometimes just making one or two small changes make a big difference.
    Have to lose those extra pounds though, get fit again and break that cycle of diabetes in our family. Love you lots!!!!

  7. Glad I inspired you guys to try something different. I'm pleased to say that I have a great deal of energy this week as well. I feel great....and my slacks are still loose. I'm working out daily because I'm getting ready for a 5k. Dee, I'm so proud that you're doing the raw thing....stick with it and if you need some recipe ideas....inbox me. Love to you all. Muah xx

  8. Oh sis Cheers to you! So happy to hear you say the journey was not easy. Many people do it for the wrong reason. But it is a life style change. Detoxing not only helps us release toxins within our bodies but also help us develope better eating habits which in the long run is better for our overall health. I know it was a last minute decision for you, However you stuck to it and reap the many benefits of a detox cleanse. Thanks again for going on the journey with me but do know you were also a huge support system for me as well :)