Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring into health.....let's get glamorous

I received my first make-up kit at the age of 13 from my Aunt Joan. I was ecstatic. I would get as many magazines as I could and look for ways to apply make up. I started out looking like a clown. However, with time and practice, I've mastered the art of make up application.

I use several products like Bobbi Brown, Vincent Longo, Trish McEvoy, Dior, Covergirl, Maybelline and MAC. However, my favorite overall line of cosmetics is Mary Kay. My love for the products and the way the company empowers women inspired me to become a Beauty Consultant. I enjoy making women (especially moms) look and feel beautiful. There's something about a mom who feels confident and beautiful. Whether it's after a facial or makeup application, my moms exude sexiness after being pampered. It's important for moms to allow themselves to look and feel beautiful, It's part of being healthy. A mom that feels good about herself is able to strengthen her mental capacity with the feeling of confidence.  

In order to have healthy skin you must eat balanced meals, drink water and exercise. In addition, you must have a daily cleansing regimen to get radiant, flawless skin. Timewise Miracle set provides 'incredible age-fighting results to help you maintain younger-looking skin'. Healthy skin is the perfect canvas for flawless make-up.


All moms deserve to feel beautiful and glamorous. Re-evaluate your look this spring. Try something fresh and new. Ask your girlfriends to help you with your look. Call me if you need a consultant or would like tips and current trends. Change your brushes and throw out expired products. Give yourself a make over and get new and updated products. It's time to get glamorous and let your healthy body exude sexiness with these and other products that work for your skin type. As you journey through motherhood, do it with style, do it with glamour and maintain balance in your life. Be confident, be beautiful, be sexy and embrace your journey. 

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  1. Cant wait to order my facial kit. The month of May is all about skin care for me so thanks again for the much needed tips.