Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working outside the home vs staying at home

There is no perfect scenario for motherhood. Yet many mothers battle inwardly with working outside the home versus staying at home.  Both sides make sacrifices and both feel a sense of guilt. Ultimately, a woman should decide which would bring her greater fulfillment.

Mothers who work outside the home are capable of raising emotionally secured children. Once a child is in a quality day care environment, they will do well, intellectually, cognitively, socially and emotionally. A mother who works outside the home has to ensure that she balances her life. When you are with your children you should give them your full attention. Turn off the blackberry and be present with your child. Some moms may need to bring work home and it may infringe upon family time. Create a schedule to include work, children and self.

Mothers who work at home (stay-at-home moms) have challenges as well.  Housework, volunteering at your child’s school, attending their various activities, witnessing every milestone, etc. can be rewarding but overwhelming.  Being at your child’s various activities is an indirect action. Though this is great; it does not constitute time with your children. One on one time with your children is important. Being an at-home-mom does not exempt you from a schedule. Create a schedule and ensure that time for children and self are prioritized.

The decision to work or stay at home is not an easy one. Affordability and personal goals play a very significant role in your decision. Tap into your authentic self when making the decision. Do not make your decision in haste. Working part-time is a good way to ease into your decision. Do not be afraid to adjust your decision if it is unfulfilling. Being a mother is a gift and very rewarding.  Try not to judge each other and support and respect the decision made by other moms. You both want healthy, stable kids. Whatever decision you make, pursue a balanced lifestyle (self, family, friends and work) and embrace the journey.

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