Saturday, February 13, 2010

Follow your dreams and abandon fear

This year is your year! Follow your dreams and abandon all fear. Too many times mothers deny themselves joy. The sole purpose of a mother is not to make others happy while denying yourself happiness. Making excuses for postponing your lifelong dream should not be commonplace. Following your dream does not mean family abandonment, only family adjustment.Take small steps towards realizing your dream. Be prayerful, be thoughtful, be faithful.

Start with a Vision Board. Gather old magazines and cut out the things you desire. No matter how large or small cut out pictures and stick them onto a poster board. Pictures must represent what you would like to become or things you would like to accomplish. Place the board where you can view it daily. Feel free to create more than one. You even have the option of creating an electronic vision board also.

Next, write your vision. Take a piece of paper and write what you would like to accomplish. Make sure you place all your dreams and desires of your heart. This is not a time to be shy. Be bold. Place the paper in a safe place and leave it there.

Now the process begins. Do the research and lay out all the facts. Surround yourself with friends who support your vision and will give you encouragement. Once you've done the background work, discuss with your spouse and ask for his support. Some minor adjustments may have to be made, but it's your dream and you will be convincing if you're passionate about it. Keep the lines of communication open and be open to compromise.

Sometimes it's necessary to delay, but don't abandon your dream.  Living a balanced lifestyle includes doing the things in life that make you happy. Dare to dream and dream big. Embrace the journey!

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