Friday, January 15, 2010

Too much pressure

Every mum is not able to organize her day and activities as she would like to. There’s laundry to be done, kids to take to activities, dinner to prepare, floors to be mopped, toys to arrange, work outside the home and hubby to entertain. Stop! You don’t need to do it all in one day. Mothers put way too much pressure on themselves to get it all done. Foregoing a couple chores will not undermine your role as a mother. Everything will get done…it always does! Try getting it done with your sanity intact. Pace yourself and if possible, solicit help. For those who can afford it, hire a house-keeper or cleaning service; for others, tap your family resource!

This may be challenging for some, however try getting your husband involved. He may not do it the way you may want it done…but at least it’s done! You need the help and need to ask for it. Get your kiddies involved and let them know you need them.  Assign tasks and have them report to you upon completion. Giving an incentive may get the job done quickly.

Including the entire family in some of your tasks can be fun. Who knows, it might become a weekly routine. Allow your family to help you, and reap the rewards. Your husband will feel needed, your kids will feel confident (mum entrusted me with a task) and you will have time to complete the book you started 5 months ago! Keep in mind that there’s no award for ‘Super-mum’ but there’s definitely a reward for a balanced one.

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  1. So true, I decided to put down the vaccum and take each task one day at a time.