Thursday, January 14, 2010

Date night on a budget

Tough economic times does not mean sacrificing alone time with your mate. It is very possible to have a date night on a budget. Spending time alone with your loved one is a smart way to bond. The financial storm that some couples are experiencing can take a toll on relationships. Checking in with your husband and making him feel special, if only for a few hours can help you both rekindle the flame that might have been extinguished between kids, friends, work, chores and more work.

If you’re uncomfortable planning alone time (because it’s not something that you do) consider it a practice run for ‘V’ Day. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and go for it! Feed the kids a quick dinner, drop them off at a family member or friend, and try one of the following tips.

  • Prepare a romantic setting with candles and eat dinner together. After dinner go for a walk while holding hands.

  • Skip dinner, light some candles and have a bottle of wine and a fruit and cheese platter waiting in the bathroom and prepare a bubble bath or a shower for two.

  • Pop some popcorn, rent a movie (any movie) and enjoy some time without kid interruption.

  • Have a couple board games set up and after dinner…..let the games begin!
These are just a few suggestions.  Get creative and have a little fun. Connect with your husband, be vulnerable with him and share your feelings.  Let him know how much you love and appreciate him and his dedication to your family. This is not the time to highlight flaws nor discuss finances. Take this time to reflect on how much you mean to each other. Make the most of your time together…remember, the kids are out the house.

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