Monday, January 18, 2010

Tips for a stress free road trip

No matter the age group enjoying a road trip with your children is very possible. Traveling long distances takes a toll on younger children and can be aggravating for older ones. Also, traveling with children of varied ages can, at times, be very challenging. To avoid a stressful trip try engaging teens and be equipped to entertain younger ones.

Tips for a stress free road trip:

  • Start your trip with a prayer

  • Pack snacks for each child. Fruits, vegetables, cereal, crackers. I recommend healthy snacks that are not loaded with sugar. Sugar can make children hyperactive and irritable

  • Pack a few small toys and travel friendly games and books  for younger children

  • Travel with movies/games for viewing on a portable DVD and/or laptop (don’t forget headphones)

  • Plan and map out trip and find parks and other places of interest along your route so you can stop periodically for rest breaks.

  • Get creative with games that allow you to engage with your children. Sing along and call and response games can be fun for the entire family

  • Play music your older children enjoy. Take turns listening to music from both generations. This is a great opportunity to introduce them to your world and you to theirs. Talk about their interests.

  • Include your older children in the trip planning exercise and ask them what they may like to do and stops they may enjoy.

These are a few travel tips for you to consider.  Travel safely and enjoy the journey! 

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  1. I agree, I usually travel around with kids and the need to keep them seated and entertained is one of my concerns to maintain my concentration while I dodge through incoming traffic with my Ram. But thankfully, the kids I'm with are pretty obedient and they are well taken care of by my girlfriend, so the chance of me losing focus when driving through Edmonton is slim to none.