Monday, March 7, 2016

Remembering Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan was an actress, mom, First Lady, advocate for Alzheimer's research and a very devoted wife. Her life was indeed multifaceted and she appeared to have had a great sense of balance during her lifetime.

In her capacity as First Lady, she was a great influence on her husband, President Ronald Reagan. She was a shrewd adviser to him and it's well known that she played a significant role as adviser in many of his decisions, including the deal with the Soviet Union and the firing of Donald Regan, President Reagan's Chief of Staff. She spearheaded and launched the "Just say NO" anti-drug campaign for which she was highly criticized because her husband's drug policy was considered draconian in its approach. Nevertheless, she had the full support of the President.

She was known for her style and hosted 56 State dinners in 8 years, as compared to First Lady Laura Bush, who hosted 6. Nancy Reagan loved entertaining and thought that it was a great way to do business....always supporting her husband in his capacity as President.

Nancy and her husband, whom she affectionately referred to as, Ronnie, were inseparable. She was a very devoted wife and fierce protector of her Ronnie. 
When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she became a very influential advocate for stem cell research.

Theirs was a love story. They were married for 52 years. After he passed away in 2004, visiting and working for his Library was also her way of being close to her love, Ronnie. 
Their love for each other was undeniable. From the adoring looks she gave him, to her unwavering support she gave to him as First Lady and as his care giver. This note her Ronnie wrote to her gives us a glimpse into their kind of love.

She was indeed a woman who embraced her life's journey.

Mrs Reagan will lay to rest next to her Ronnie, President Ronald Reagan on the grounds of his Presidential Library.

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