Friday, February 28, 2014

My House is a WRECK!

Mail fiasco

Years ago as a young mom I always drove myself crazy maintaining organization in my home. A nearly impossible feat with toddlers. Fast forward 16 years and some days areas in my house can be a wreck! It doesn't mean that I don't care about my environment; but rather that my priorities have changed. Meeting the needs of myself and my family has to come first. However, being organized helps create balance and structure in your life. At least 80% of the time my house is normal so I'm able to live guilt free as a mom when the 'wrecking ball' crashes the remaining 20%.

I think if more moms were honest with each other the 'guilty mom' would not exist. I have a difficult time managing mail. No matter what system I put in place, it seems to only last a couple months. So in my kitchen lies our mail fiasco.

I'm determined to find a solution...but not today. Sometimes when we see the tasks that lie ahead of us we become overwhelmed. My advise is that we take little chunks. For instance, if your book shelving unit is a complete mess, don't attempt to organize all the shelves at once. Choose one shelf to organize. Doing this allows you to feel accomplished and motivated to continue. Thus creating a guilt-free space.
Spring is approaching (even though it doesn't feel like it) and now is the perfect time to think about areas that you'd like to improve upon in your home. Use your snow days wisely. Choose one area of your home and get organized. Do not attempt to tackle all the areas simultaneously. You'll drive yourself nutty! I chose one area of my shoe closet each day until it was all done.  I feel accomplished. I don't feel guilty in spite of  my mail fiasco that awaits on the first floor. Being organized keeps moms sane and productive.
Don't allow moms with so-called perfect spaces intimidate you or make you feel like you're failing.  You're not! Being a mom is challenging enough and no one said we had to be great at everything. Some of us have excellent culinary skills, others are finance gurus and some are great event planners and throw the best parties. Be satisfied with your particular skill and if organization is not one of your gifts; don't be afraid to solicit help either from a professional organizer or a friend. Neither would judge you. Sometimes getting a friend to help makes it fun.
The most important thing is to get started. De-clutter your space and clear your mind. Remember you don't need to wait till Spring. Start small but be consistent. Be organized, be guilt free and embrace your journey.




  1. Love this! And it's so true, everyone has a different story. I'm not a mom, but I can imagine how my life and home will change when that time comes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Organization really can make a difference! Sometimes you just have to take a sec to get it all together again lol. Nothing wrong with a little craziness once in a while! It happens to the best of us.