Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution

This New Year take the leap and resolve to dream big, work hard, be charitable, connect with others, live healthy and invite God's Presence in all that you do. This list sounds extensive, but if you're making a New Year's resolution, it needs to be. There are 351days left in this year. I suggest that you choose one of these to focus on each day.

The biggest problem with making resolutions, is trying to make it an annual plan. Stop making plans for the entire year. That sets you up for failure before you begin. Set daily goals that will be more attainable. When you achieve your daily goal, you will be encouraged to continue and by the end of January, you would have fulfilled month 1 of your resolution.

Here's a daily example that may work for busy moms:

Monday: Most challenging day of the week. Resolve to be charitable/kind to everyone you encounter.

Tuesday: Resolve to eat healthy whole foods. No junk food!

Wednesday: Set aside 30 minutes today for exercise.

Thursday: Unplug and be present with your spouse and children. Sit with them and listen to the events of their day.

Friday: The not-so-productive day. Resolve to stay focused and complete tasks assigned for the day.

Saturday: Spend some time dreaming and writing about what you would love to do. There's no time like the present to make your dream a reality. Start planning.

Sunday: Commit to worship, meditating and connecting with your Creator. Invite him into your space. Recognize His Presence and feel His peace.

New Year's resolutions should be taken in small doses. Don't go too grand. Making life changes is difficult and sometimes scary. Take your time but commit to one of the changes daily. Work-life balance is tough but attainable if you commit to it daily. Make a list of what you'd like to accomplish this year and try one aspect of it each day. Remember, each day starts anew. It doesn't matter what occured yesterday. Don't be discouraged. It may not go as planned the first few times you attempt it, however, stick with it and you will see great results.

Create a support network with friends and family. Support and encouragement of others create an environment for success. Weed out the naysayers and surround yourself with positive energy. 2012 is your year for great experiences. Take one day at a time and see your resolutions become reality. Be patient, be encouraged, be determined and embrace the victory that awaits you this year!!!

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  1. Love it! Very doable. Happy New Year!! And thank you for all the support and comfort last year and what you continue to give in your writings.