Monday, December 12, 2011

Connect for the Holidays!

National Christmas Tree

Now that the Holiday Season is in full swing, it’s time to connect with your family. A mother’s role is busy enough without the holiday season.  As the holiday season approaches, we become busier and miss a grand opportunity to connect with our families. Don’t let the busyness of the season distract you from what’s most important…family.

Teenagers tend to get restless during the holiday season and complain of boredom. Make time to listen to your teens and be present with them. Pick your battles. Don’t force your ideas upon them. Allow them to express themselves and exercise some independence. Let them know that you would like to spend some time with them and let them choose the activity and be open to it.
Younger ones are eager to spend time with you. Set aside some time for a game night or storytelling.  The holidays are filled with exciting books and stories. Get unplugged and turn on the radio, cuddle with your little ones and enjoy the sweet holiday sounds.

Let your children know that they’re very important to you and even though time does not permit you to be with them on a more regular basis, you would make every effort to spend one on one time with them this holiday season. Be vulnerable with your children Remove the mask and allow yourself to become connected.

Suggested activities for you and your children (both young and old):

·         Bake cookies

·         Make a Santa list with 1 or  2 items and take it to the post office

·         Visit Santa at the Mall (lines may be long but worth the smile on your little one’s face)

·         Go for a stroll and look at the beautifully decorated  store windows

·         Play board games

·         Listen to music together (this may feel awkward but try it, you just might like it)

·         Have dinner at the table and ask them about their day. This is your chance to listen and not pass judgement

·         Ask the older ones to go to the supermarket with you. Let them know you want to spend time with them

·         Attend a community/church  holiday production(these are inexpensive and very enjoyable)

·         Visit your town/city Christmas tree

·         Decorate your house together

These are just a few suggestions. Take advantage of the season and get connected with your precious blessings. Don’t use your time alone to judge or scold. Use this time to let your kids know that they are loved and appreciated. They may not express what you’d like to hear, but at least they’re allowed to express themselves. So listen. There’s no greater gift, than the gift of love. Take a break from the commercialism and reconnect. Unplug from the electronic gadgets. Turn off the television, take off your phone, silence the social media and listen to the sound of your child’s voice. Be attentive, be loving, be connected and embrace your journey.

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  1. Yes this is the time to enjoy our family. Thanks for the some of the suggestions ;) They will surly help me get into the season. Merry Christmas!