Friday, August 5, 2011

Veritas Vineyard a perfect getaway

Photo Credit: Veritas Winery

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a romantic getaway with my husband. That getaway took us to Afton, Virginia. A small town amidst the Blue Ridge mountains. We had the pleasure of visiting a winery with an idyllic setting nestled in the mountains called Veritas.

I highly recommend this vineyard to all, but especially those in the Washington, DC area. It's definitely worth a day trip or a weekend escapade. As we parked our car we were greeted with a beautifully manicured landscape and vines that were laden with grapes. As we approached a building which houses the tasting room, we entered a canopied porch which was covered with grape laden vines whose bunches cascaded from the trellis which held it. I was very happy that my kids did not accompany us on this trip because they would've jumped with their arms outstretched in the hopes of picking a bunch of grapes. I myself was quite tempted to do so but good sense prevailed.

We were greeted at the door with a warm welcome and an invitation to participate in the tasting. Tasting was $5 per person. Our flight consisted of six of the favorite Veritasregistration mark wines, three white wines and three red wines. Our host was very knowledgeable on the wines and gave us a wonderful lesson without making us feel inept. You will feel so relaxed that visiting another winery may seem unnecessary because when you're at're at home.

We ordered a couple glasses of wine and a cheese plate. We ate outdoors and enjoyed the peace and serenity of the vineyard and mountains as we enjoyed each other's company and marvelled at God's creation which embraced us. This vineyard exemplifies Virgina's slogan, "Virginia is for Lovers". It's very romantic. If you entered angry with each other, you'll definitely leave 'in love'... and not just with the wine but with your significant other. The atmosphere is very captivating.

This getaway was by far one of my favorites. It's a gem that's not far away from home, has impeccable service, outstanding wines and made me feel so comfortable that the thought of visiting another winery proved to be a fruitless exercise. Be adventurous, be amazed, be in-love and embrace your journey as you explore Virginia's amazing wine country.

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