Thursday, June 3, 2010

Single moms.....a new type of superhero!

Raising children is a challenging undertaking. Raising children alone appears to be the job of a superhero! There were times in my past when I've said that I felt like a single parent. I apologize for that statement because I do not have a clue what that is like. I might have had a little more juggling than my husband, but I was ever alone.

The single mothers that I know are strong, hard working and dedicated to their children's success. I admire their devotion and committment as they parent alone. It is important that all mothers support each other. As moms we need to encourage, uplift and support each other on our journey...and that includes single moms.

Ways in which you can reach out to the single moms in your life:
  • Offer to take her kid(s) for a couple hours
This allows mom to do whatever she likes for a couple hours....chances are it'll be laundry. At least she'll be doing it alone.
  • Assist her with carpool (school & activities)
Mom might be running late or unable to leave the office. Knowing that a friend is picking her child up will place her mind at least for the first 15mins.
  • Arrange a babysitter for her and take her out for an evening of fun
Every mom needs adult time and interaction away from work. Getting mom to 'let her hair down' could help her get her groove back!
  • Ask her how you can help her
Even though we may have ideas on how to help, the best way is to sometimes ask. This way you'll be more effective and create an impact.
  • Email her an inspirational quote
Sending inspirational messages can uplift a person's day (moms are no exception). Send her a note and make her day! The note you send her could motivate her to get through a tough day.
  • Give her a call to check in with her
Giving your single mom a call is always the best form of contact. Allow her to vent, cry and laugh. Afterall....what are friends for? Never let life get in the way of friendship. Never be too busy to listen.

As you navigate through this journey of motherhood, remember to be kind and show love and support to those who are in need. Be supportive, be uplifting and embrace your journey!

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love" - Mother Teresa  

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  1. hey thanks for this Nic! This being kindergarten graduation, an out of town wedding this weekend, preparation for dance recital next week..half day of school for the remainder of the week....busy at work with fiscal year end deadlines...when oh when will i get my hair, nails etc..done? I feel guilty just indulging myself most times. after all, i have to ensure that her shoes are purchased for the wedding and her hair looks great! Maybe I can do my hair myself or wear whole shoes so my busted toes don't show. How about i am pulling a dress out of the back of the closet from 3 years ago too? Did I mention that I have cert exam on Thurs that I need to study for?.....yeah, thanks for this one!!!!