Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senioritis...the disease that struck my daughter

My daughter has been struck by a disease known as Senioritis and there's nothing I can do about it. There are 15 school days left before she is cured by graduating from 8th grade. I'm  praying that I make it with my sanity in tact and without emptying every bottle of wine in my chiller.

Earlier this week, my soon to be high school daughter drove me crazy with her bouts of senioritis. She has adopted a  laissez faire approach towards her school work and communique from school.  She walks around the house in slow motion and is lazier than usual. I don't see her studying and she constantly asks to stay home from school. Her only form of interest is being Glinda, the good witch, in her school play, 'The Wizard of Oz' and working on a powerpoint presentation for her graduating class. Oh yes...she shows excitement  about the dresses we have to get her for graduation!!! In other words, she's only into the fun stuff.

It's been very tough for me to see the girl who's usually dicsiplined and focused displaying a dismissive attitude on the final stretch. After a couple glasses of wine and exchanging thoughts with friends, I realize that my little girl has worked very hard over the years and has done extraordinarily well academically. It's time for this mom to 'cut her some slack' and allow her to enjoy her final weeks as an 8th grader. She needs to live in the moment and embrace this experience. Saying it is easy...doing it...well.....I'm trying.  My little girl is growing up and seems to need me less. Could it be that I despise the fact that she's growing up? Perhaps this is why I make such a big deal about her not being focused and lacking discipline. I recognize that I'm vulnerable and emotional about her graduating. Time has gone by way too quickly. I know that she is a responsible student...afterall her report card reflects it and she was accepted into two great schools.  I need to give her space.

Clearly I'm trying to control and hold on to the little girl whom I escorted to kindergarten eight years ago. I have to allow her to go through the motions. She has a bond with her classmates and is anxious about this next phase of her life...high school. I recognize that she needs me to be supportive and understanding. She needs my guidance without the smothering. My daughter needs to enjoy her final weeks at school and I will do my part to listen and engage in the moments she chooses to share with me. I want to be present during this pivotal moment of her life. I have accepted my role as her cheerleader and supporter. It's only fifteen school days left. I can do it.

I am certain that her senioritis will be cured on Graduation day but I'm convinced that it'll return in four years. Until then, I will be present during every moment I have with her. I will embrace the laughter, the arguments, the smiles and the tears. I will pray for guidance and patience and welcome the new experiences. For those with 8th graders, be supportive, be patient and embrace your journey!

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  1. wow! I am so not looking forward to the tween years. *sigh* Good job mum!