Monday, January 11, 2010

Teens and Chores


hy are my teenagers not doing chores without being told? Perhaps because they’re tired or they don’t think they should have to! Many factors lead to their feelings of entitlement (housekeepers, landscapers, nannies). Our teens may think that because their parents have help that they don’t need to contribute. Teenagers (at least mine) will not take responsibility sharing chores at home unless they’re told. If your teens are similar to mine, try creating a schedule with them and see how it works!  

Most teenagers have packed daily schedules (school, homework, sports, music, etc). So when making the schedule, include them and be realistic about the results. Chores are not meant to be a punishment, it’s meant to foster responsibility (just like homework).  You may need to remind them daily, however, most importantly, the chores get done! Also, remember, praise goes a long way. Recognizing their accomplishments openly to them and expressing our pride helps to boost their confidence and will encourage them to fulfill their obligations. Be encouraging and be flexible. They may not complete the chore as perfectly as mum; but at least they’re completing it. Give them parameters, and allow them to do it their way. Try to avoid imposing yourself and trust that they’re doing their best. We want to raise responsible, confident and emotionally healthy young people.

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  1. Girl, I hear you. My 6 year old has always wanted to help. However, when she was younger and me being a single mom, my focus was on just rushing our days along. After all it is faster for me to do it myself. However, when she was about 4 years old, I took her up on the offer. She can do dishes and knows she has to pick up her toys. I did not enforce this for a while which drove me nuts...she is a naturally neat child, but mommy is a messy mom!! I want to keep her interested in helping out so I have to set an example and follow-through..I see big things in her future, which include, laundry and mopping too:) Igreat info....keep on informing us!