Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Creative Date

Once in a while I feel the urge to explore alone. I am very connected to my inner being and when it whispers, I listen. Spending time with myself enables me to learn something new about myself or at the very least, it reminds me of who I am. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, I sometimes forget and lose the essence of me. Therefore, in order to stay connected, I spend time with me and enjoy the occasional adventure.

Sunday's adventure led me to a fabulous event, Parcel Market at Canal Park in DC. There were wonderful workshops that were curated by A Creative DC through a collaboration with Capitol Riverfront. I had tremendous fun among talented, local artisans whose combined talents aroused each of my senses. It was the perfect place to soak up some much needed creative energy, while sipping on a champagne cocktail. I also snagged quite a few spoils.

All the vendors I visited, were warm, welcoming and their products were outstanding. It was a great opportunity to support local talent while spending a wonderful afternoon with me. I did miss the kid when I saw children ice skating, so I purchased a smores kit to enjoy with him when we trim the tree.

I love sharing new experiences with my hubby and was thinking about him and thought I should get him a cookie. Just then, the vendor served me a boozy eggnog coffee float. It was like a hug in a cup and thoughts of my hubster faded after the first sip....needless to say....I didn't get the cookie!

It was an afternoon well spent not only with myself, but also, with strangers I connected with through conversations around a fire pit. I encourage you to take sometime during this busy season to just relax and connect with you. And please be mindful and intentional this holiday season and include local creative small businesses in your purchases. Be inspired, be adventurous, be supportive and embrace your journey!

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast. Sorry I missed the fun but that one on one time was just what you needed.