Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Wine Journey

Autumn is my favorite season. The air is crisp, the trees are changing into a myriad of colors and the seasonal flavors put me in a warm and cozy mood. It's like I'm being held in a warm embrace by nature.This feeling evokes my need to connect with others, foster new friendships and nurture old ones. And what better way to harvest these friendships than by taking them on a wine journey and sharing a meal bursting with the flavors and colors of the season. 

We are social beings and whether or not we admit it, we enjoy quality time with others. Let's face it, we conduct business deals, celebrate love, connect with family and so much more over a meal. Therefore, it's important that we channel some energy to connect with friends, (without our kids) and enjoy some adult time.

The busyness of life, especially with school age children can interrupt our connection with our spouses and friends.  So in lieu of a date night with each other, we decided to extend an invitation to 3 couples to share in a wine journey and a meal that embodied the season's fall flavors.

We did a tasting flight which consisted of 3 whites, 2 reds and a rosé. However, we began with a wonderful champagne which both set the mood and cleansed our palate. It was epic fun. Our "Wine Lady" from
The Fruit of the Vine tantalized our palate with each paring of delicious cheese and charcuterie. It was full service and she was extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. If you are in the DMV area, I highly recommend that you book a tasting. We learned a great deal and are now Dean's List graduates who, from henceforth, will be kind to our wine.

Our lives may never be in perfect balance but we must spend time connecting. Our couples date night was creative and exciting. It was great journeying with couples who share a passion for wine.
After our 2 hour wine journey, we dined on roasted autumn root vegetables with roasted Fuji apples, roasted rosemary and garlic lamb and lemon butter salmon which we served guessed it, more wine. A lit fireplace set the tone for a relaxing, pleasurable evening to connect with amazing, beautiful and fun friends.

Make time to share yourselves with others. Be authentic, be creative, be connected and
embrace your journey.


  1. Fall is also one of my favorite time of year. It was such a wonderful idea. Cant wait to attend the next wine journey.

  2. You are definitely on the list! Muah 💋

  3. You are definitely on the list! Muah 💋