Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another First Day of School

Over the years, first day of school has always been an emotional day for me. I was nervous at times when my kids showed some anxiety about beginning a new grade. Other times I was sad because I no longer had them all day and I missed them. This year, my 11 year old begins middle school and I was never so excited to drop him off. Not one tear was shed. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my big, little boy but it was time for him to get back to school. This mum needed a mummy break. I've been in the mummy game for 21's quite alright for me to drop him off with a kiss and a "see you later" and not feel a sense of guilt. Why should I feel guilty anyway? He's off to gain knowledge and socialize with his peers!!!

The way I see's my time now!  Even though when school is in, it takes me about 2 months to get a rhythm and get organized.....whom am I kidding? It takes me half the YEAR! At any rate, I get to do the things that I have planned for me. I'm pretty good at balancing , however, the project I'm working on requires my undivided attention and with the big, little kid in school, I'm able to give it my all.

When he got home and talked about his day, he asked, "did you miss me?" My response, "absolutely not!" He flashed a smile at me, (probably thinking that he didn't miss me either, Ha!) I know that my response may sound harsh to some but I don't make it a habit to lie to my kids. They know when I'm giving them "BS". I enjoy their honesty with us and it helps build trust. I have no desire to betray them. It's also good for them to not miss us. They should trust that they'll see us again at pick up, so why cause them focus on our absence when they can be fully present in school. We must be careful, especially with younger kids, about telling them how much we miss them when they're in school. Please don't go over the top!  We can cause them to feel guilty for leaving us and having fun with friends. We need them to adapt, socialize and grow with confidence.

So as you bid your kids farewell, don't feel guilty as you hightail it out the parking lot with the radio turned up. You've done a great job mum, and your kids love you. Be proud, be guilt-free, and please don't run over other parents in the parking lot as you embrace your new found freedom!


  1. So true! Couldn't wait for school to be back in session.

  2. 1 more week to go for small man.
    Uniforms - check
    School supplies - check
    Pediatrician visit- check
    Dentist visit - tomorrow...
    and last but not least, shape up at the barber.
    woop woop!

    1. Sounds lije you are ready!!! Well we haven't done the Dr. or Dentist yet but they're going to be done soon. Good luck and have a wonderful school year 💋