Friday, August 7, 2015

Shower of Love


I enjoy planning and hosting parties; especially when it's for loved ones. Last Saturday was no exception as I showered my sister with love celebrating the coming of her baby girl, Maya.

My inspiration was lemons. There's nothing more refreshing in the summer than a tall glass of lemonade. Using the theme of lemons, enabled me to successfully plan this fun outdoor garden party style event with ease.

I sought out all things yellow. My first purchase was vintage milk bottles and yellow and grey paper straws. In addition, I decided to play with the vintage element and bought fishing wire to create a clothesline to pin baby clothes on for the decor. I love a vintage touch!

Once I figured out my color scheme and clothesline theme, I contacted my favorite "cake connoisseur", Khadine, and sent her pics of a cake design and  my theme. She executed the cakes and sweet treats, flawlessly.

My daughter did a photoshoot of her aunt and printed pics to be placed throughout the event to personalize the event space. This added a special touch to the design and was an inexpensive addition to the decor!

My godsister prepared a yellow and white candy bar that was elegant and had yellow chevron bags available for guests to help themselves upon leaving. With that in mind, I got paper lanterns, both white and yellow chevron pattern to add a bit of drama and elegance beneath the tree area.

I styled a lemonade bar that included bourbon lemonade cocktail and a ginger, rosemary lemonade mocktail for the mom 2 be! Flowers adorned the tables. Creating a bouquet of the same flowers is both cost effective and elegant.

The menu was a combination of hors'doeuvres, caprese salad skewers, fruit skewers, sliders, puffs, pigs in blanket, to name a few and a main meal which consisted of herbal roasted chicken, grilled vegetables, lemon basil salmon and Mac and cheese.

Keeping it simple and color coordinated makes your event elegant and sophisticated. Create a theme and plan around it. Be creative, be flexible, have fun and embrace your journey. 💋

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  1. Everything was perfect! You definitely have a great eye lady.