Monday, December 15, 2014

The gift of Love and Kindness

During this Holiday Season, let's focus more on being present. Let's make this a time of giving, by giving our attention to family and community. Give of your time. Make time to sit together and share a meal. Call a friend. Exercise patience. Smile. Be aware of those around you. There's no greater gift than the gift of love and kindness. The Holiday Season can create a self-centeredness in some of our children that may be disconcerting. Our children need us to help them create a shift in their thinking.

Let's take baby steps and integrate small acts of kindness in our daily lives. There's no need for a huge production. I received a message from a friend who indicated that his teenage children decided to forgo gifts this year and give to others who are less fortunate. This year we did an Advent wreath. During dinner my husband reads scripture, afterwhich, we each share where we witnessed kindness that day and what act of kindness we performed. This challenges my 10 year old to be conscious about his actions daily. Not sure if this will stay with him past January, but a mother can hope. I'm just happy that he's excited to do good deeds and share his experiences daily.

With all the negativity that we've experienced in the past few months like domestic violence, war on religion, police brutality, absence of fairness and justice, it's easy for us to become jaded and even numb. Sometimes we turn to consumerism for therapy. Let's instead turn inward and examine our consciences and share with our kids what kindness and love are really about. Let's show them by our actions the joy of giving to others. For example, instead of buying a friend a gift, invite that friend over to dinner and spend time with him/her. Give your friend the gift of yourself and your time. Everyone needs an ear from time to time.

Here are a few ways you can engage your kids during this Season of Giving:

  • Volunteer at a food bank
  • Visit the elderly and do crafts or sing carols 
  • Visit sick children and read to them
  • Find a family in need and ask friends to donate with you
  • Invite someone you know who's having a difficult time to dine with you
  • Invite a child/children of a single parent to spend the day with your kids (timeout for mom/dad)
  • Find a cause that they are interested in and participate with them
  • Bake a treat and deliver to a neighbor/s
  • Bring the gift of song to your neighborhood by caroling

There are many ways to give. Encourage your kids to share their ideas and don't dismiss them. Including them in the process will encourage them to participate. Remember our kids are watching and we must lead by example. Spend one on one time with your kids. Unplug and connect with them during the holidays. Be present and listen. There's no greater gift, than the gift of your love. Be inspiring, be present, be kind and may you and your family embrace the peace, joy and love of the season.
Merry Christmas! xo


  1. Tis the season to share our love with others. Thanks for the great read and ideas sis ;)