Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love is...

Photo Credit: Sunil Kumar

February is the month that brings out the romance in most of us. Cupid shoots her arrow and inspires many to explore romantic deeds. So for those of you who are unsure how to ask for the love you want and need, share this post with the one you love!

Love is...placing the toilet seat down so that she doesn't fall into the toilet in the middle of the night when nature calls

Love is...filling her gas tank at night so that when she's running behind in the morning she doesn't have to stop to fill up

Love her the remote and telling her that you'll watch whatever channel she chooses

Love is...keeping the kids away from her for at least 30 minutes so that she can decompress when she gets in from work

Love is...looking at her and letting her know how beautiful she is even though she needs to get her hair done and eyebrow waxed

Love is...letting her sleep in and willingly take your kid to his or her 6:30am swim meet

Love is...going to a 'chick flick' and staying awake

Love is...preparing her a meal even if it's not from scratch and sitting at the table to dine with her

Love is...planning a date night

According to the 1955 American drama-romance film, "love is a many splendored thing" and knows no boundaries. It's patient and kind. Love should not be confined to one month or one day. Love is complete and is a process that should be expressed daily. Calling in the middle of the day to check in is something that you can do at least once a week. All it takes is practice. So let this Valentine's day be the start of a thoughtful process that can be replicated throughtout the year. Be patient, be thoughtful, be loving and embrace your journey.  Muah xoxo

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