Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soul Rejuvenation

Photo Credit: Nicole Commissiong/ Sunset at Edgewater

Life has a way of hijacking us and holding us hostage. As much as we try to free ourselves from bondage we get sucked back into the busyness and the rigors of life. There comes a time when every woman, especially moms feel overwhelmed, burdened, unappreciated and at times, alone. When these feelings surface, it’s time to release and replenish, relax, reflect and rejuvenate the soul.

I allowed myself to go into overdrive. I became too busy and was not living my best life. I became stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and at a point of no return. Of course I managed to convince myself that I could handle it. I was sure that yoga or prayer or even exercise would heal me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t allow myself to do any of these. I was too stressed to even pray for myself. I had the opportunity to go away on a retreat with my Cursillo team and I was tempted to decline.  My daughter had a school Dance to attend and my two guys had activities. Guilty mom surfaced, but was quieted because something larger than motherhood was calling… sanity.

I decided to spend my weekend getting closer to God. No one should be so busy that developing a relationship with God becomes inconvenient. So I spent my weekend at peace in His presence. Everywhere I turned He was evident. The sunrise, the changing leaves, the soft wind that created ripples on the water that surrounded me, the leaves that crunched beneath my feet while on the hiking trail and especially in my brothers and sisters who were on the retreat with me. I was completely covered by His grace.   I was in awe that I found joy, even with my anxiety and burdens. 

My life became so noisy that I couldn’t feel His presence even though He was with me. I was relaxed and I reflected as I talked with my Father and rekindled my relationship with Him.  On the last evening just before Mass, we were kissed with a sunset whose soft orange glow reflected upon His Creation and at that moment I felt renewed and thankful that my Father loves me.

As I left the retreat, I was reminded that the world did not change and the challenges still existed. However, what has changed is the way I choose to respond to the world. I must spend time with my Father everyday. I must interrupt my busyness to sit at His feet and listen to the stillness He has to offer.  For me, God is my anchor and because of His grace I am wife, mother, sister and friend. Be still, be renewed, be prayerful and embrace your journey.


  1. This is so true. I enjoyed the reflection sis. We are all caught up with the things of life but some way we end up going or finding our saviour once more.

  2. Girl, I need a retreat. I can so relate to your writing today. I think that I am so busy taking care of the little one that I am bypassing "me". I make time for everything that is important or or not necessarily important for her but everything that I think will make her happy and totally skip "the me"...I am praying and keeping it moving but Nics I tell you when it gets to the point that my hair is a mess and her hair is fly mama gotta regroup:). I am declining invitations left and right but she doesn't miss a social event, or activity. I am not complaining as I am committed to parent this lovely little person but I have to grasp some "tcbing" for myself too:) Thanks for this as you put it very nicely and I am happy to know that in some ways we all walk the same path.

  3. Thank you so much for reading. I'm happy that my experience resonated with you.