Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back 2 School tips!!!

It's August and summer is slowly coming to an end as the new school year approaches. It's time to get the little ones re-adjusted to normal sleeping patterns in preparation of school re-opening. Don't wait for a couple days prior to the opening. Some kids are anxious if they're starting a new school. Others need some advance notice to get used to the idea that school is about to start. The best time to start is now!

The following tips are a guide to get your little and big kids ready for school.

  • Let your kids know how many weeks are left before school starts (countdown approach).
  • Get back to normal sleep patterns and bedtime routines.
  • Get kids excited about the upcoming school year by taking a trip to the school and even stopping in briefly, if permitted.
  • Take kids shopping for school supplies and have them choose some of their supplies.
  • Go through recipe websites and have kids explore school lunch or dinner options.
  • Have kids prepare some sample lunches they'd like to take to school
  • If kids have summer assignments, get them started now before. Waiting for the last minute creates anxiety.
  • Moms~ purchase supplies to get yourself organized for the busy school year. Don't forget to purchase a calendar and if you have the school's calendar of events, mark your calendars!
  • Be upbeat and positive about the upcoming school year so as to keep your child in a positive and upbeat mood.
  • Schedule an appointment for your kid's annual physical and ensure vaccinations are current.

These tips will certainly help reduce or eliminate anxiety in both you and your children. Be pro-active, be organized, be positive and embrace your journey. Good luck and I wish you both a successful and positive school year!

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  1. good stuff nic..the funny thing is, for the most part unless we were travelling, she was at a sleepover etc...we enforced bedtime all summer long as most days she had to get up for camp or the sitters or to go to work with me. That part we have down, but wish us love with the new dwelling..that might take some getting used to!