Thursday, March 24, 2011

My name is mom. Who are you?

Photo courtesy: Sierra A.

I never know who I'm greeting on any given day! My name is Mom. Who are You? Teenagers are a unique species. You have to speak their language and study their behavior! Well, at least the ones in my house. My conversation with my teens have been reduced to acronyms. OMG, WTH! They don't respond when I call but when I text....I get an immediate response. So immediate that they may send three texts while I'm responding to their first. I'm no expert on human behavior, but I'm on my way to being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on this species.

In an attempt to understand them, I ask questions. Are you seriously gonna wear THAT? Why do you have the music that your ear? Did you finish your homework? Why are you up at 2:00am....on a school night? Who are you talking to at that hour? Did you have to use 6 eggs in your omelette? That's just a few questions to which the answers are always...What?~Huh?~Not sure~Ummm? Nobody~Yup! I'm sure I'm not the only mom to discover this species. However, most moms never admit their encounter with them. I think it's time for moms of teenagers to share with new moms what they'll encounter in a few years. It's not to scare them....just to prepare them. I know that most moms want to believe that they have the perfect child...and you probably do. Nevertheless, when puberty strikes and the hormones kick out cause it'll catch you off guard!

As difficult as it is for us to manage their changes, we must understand that it's even more challenging for them. They're striving for independence, they're encountering immense peer pressure, and among other things, their bodies are doing things they dont quite grasp. And even though I know these things, I still lose my mind at times when dealing with them.  However,  I do understand that my role is to empathize, support and love.

I really love my unique species and enjoy learning hip new trends from them. They've taught me a whole new language. I can speak 'teenage-ese'! I still walk around asking, "who are you...and what have you done with my kids?" Then I smile and whisper to myself....'they'll be back soon' . Moms of teens, it'll be over soon, moms of perfect little ones...get ready! Either way, make it a priority to share with others and seek help in extreme circumstances. Most of all, remember, you're not alone. We're all on this journey together!


  1. Wow thanks for sharing. Must admit not looking forward to that stage yet!lol

  2. Thanks 4 stopping by...You have a little time b4 the 'scary-teens' phase.