Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time for my Girls!!!

“I’m sorry sweetheart, but you’ll have to ask daddy; I’m on my way out!”  There’s nothing quite like a car filled with estrogen!!!  The conversation is about spouses (look out if one got one of us angry), kids’ grades and activities, bosses breathing done one’s neck, friends who need to get it together, and so on. Nothing a cocktail can’t solve, right… wrong…’s not about the cocktail, it’s about bonding with like minds, girls like you whose experiences are parallel to yours.  Ladies don’t need cocktails to bond. We’ve bonded in the hair salon, the spa, at the playground and even the supermarket with women we don’t even know.  No matter whom you are or which continent you’re from, mums all have similar experiences regarding kids, spouses, jobs, etc. Well, except maybe Denmark, which, as reported in, is the happiest place on earth. However, I’m certain mums in Denmark spend time bonding also. Making time for friends is beautiful and rewarding and can be a de-stressor.

Make time to spend with your girlfriends. It doesn’t have to be a nightclub (which is great if all you want to do is go dancing).  I think bonding is more effective in a setting where you can listen to each other.  You and your friends can alternate hosting each other or take the opportunity to get dressed up and be in a different environment. Remember, it’s not the location as much as it’s taking the opportunity to listen, share, bond and enjoy each other’s company.  No more excuses. This is just as necessary as that basket of laundry at home and that proposal deadline at work. Don’t make it complicated, schedule it and have fun!

Ideas for hosting your girls:

Game night, Brunch, Afternoon Tea, Spa (doing each other’s nails), Happy Hour, Meditation or Prayer Circle, Book Club, Workout Session (book a private trainer & split the cost).
Get creative and have fun with it!


  1. oh my!!! you put my thoughts into words!!!! Great job nicole...get some ads up here and i will be reading enjoying your journey and clicking on google ads too:)

  2. if it is okay, i will post a link of your blog to my page for other mummies to enjoy too!!!

  3. Sis this is so true. As a Mom I forget making time to bond with my girls and to be quite honest I feel a little guilty at times. But it is extremely important to have the support and companion of the sisterhood. Thanks for bringing this to life.

  4. Thanks ladies! O Sharlene def post it. I'd love to get feedback. Thank you soooo much.