Thursday, January 7, 2010

I see you........and I hear you too!!!


ur children are an extension of us. Positive parents raise positive children…..the reverse is also correct! At times parenting can be very overwhelming. We may tell our kids we don’t have time to play with them or read to them. We may say ‘we don’t feel like it’. During play we may exhibit non sportsman like behavior. All these occur under watchful eyes……our kids. When we get bad service or get one too many sales calls during dinner…..our kids are observing how we react. They are learning, so we need to be aware of how we respond to them as well as everyday occurrences. For most people, having children changes them. Some of us become better people because of our kids. We become more aware of whom we are and who we want them to become.

I have observed my son being very encouraging during play. He says to his opponent (who is sometimes me) ‘nice try, you almost got it, good job!’ Hearing him say those things gladden my heart because it means that he is hearing those words beckoned in his environment. Sadly enough, though I also hear unappreciative comments also. Well, this mom isn’t perfect. She’s a work in progress and sees plenty of room for improvement. We have to first acknowledge our shortcomings and accept them. Once we get that out of the way, we can now move on to being our better selves. 

We can’t always be with our children, but when we are make it meaningful and encouraging. We need to be aware of our attitudes and behavior towards others. Observe boundaries. Children are very observant and some behaviors are learned. We are our children’s first teachers. We get upset when our kids display certain actions. Take an honest self examination and see if the behavior displayed might come from you. We need emotionally healthy children so we must praise and encourage them. Spend time doing the things they like doing, no matter how silly it may seem. My 5 year old enjoys performing and at times I am an unwilling participant. I think he senses it also. However, I check myself quickly and give him a time limit to perform as I encourage and praise is efforts. He always leaves with a big smile and his chest out. I guess for him it’s not easy being the youngest but it sure feels great when he’s acknowledged and praised.


  1. We can learn quite a bit about ourselves by watching our children's interactions. Well it Nicole!